10 Best Pillows for Lower Back Pain When Sleeping Reviews 2020

Best Pillows for lower back pain when sleeping – Back pain is the most common body aching site which may totally hinder your compatibility and reliability if it gets chronic. Treating it in an acute phase could be an understandable way towards your healthy life goal. Pain is when we usually see a doctor but wait, I have some best tips along with a few best pillows for lower back pain when sleeping; which helps improve quality of life. Your positions matter a lot. Position of how you sleep the whole night and the quality and type of the pillow you use. 

What best pillows/tricks for lower back pain when sleeping should be under consideration? 

  1. Your sleeping position matters a lot. Because this is what determines how your spine goes along the mattress you sleep on.
  2. It’s preferable to sleep on your back with a pillow beneath your head and a billow beneath your knees.
  3. If you sleep on either side of yours then it’s preferable to sleep with a pillow beneath your head and a pillow between your knees. 
  4. A spring mattress is thought to be a back pain retarder. 
  5. A suitable pillow type can do a lot. 
  6. The curvature of the neck should be maintained via appropriate pillow selection. 
  7. You may use a soft pillow type to keep it under your back, to reduce lumbar pain. 

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What are the different types of pillows for lower back pain when sleeping?

You may wonder, are they really types of pillows? Yeah, this century has presented a number of scientifically approved pillow types having a different adaptability and features. This will positively affect your sleep and help maintain a lumbar posture. It helps to keep your neck curvature intact.  The pillow indeed plays a vital role.  Orthopedic and lumbar pillows are best pillows for back pain when sleeping. 

Types of best Pillows for lower back pain when sleeping

  1. Lumbar support 
  2. Coccyx cushion 
  3. Travel pillow
  4. Wedge pillows
  5. Regular pillows

10 Best Pillows for lower back pain when sleeping 

1) EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows

Usually, we are accompanied by neck and back pain. An orthopedic pillow is a pillow designed to correct your body posture. Orthopedic pillows are also considered as therapeutic pillows which are a source of relief in various conditions like blood circulatory problems, neck pain, back pain, breathing problems. It has a contoured shape that affiliates your head, neck, and shoulder and prevents axon tightness.

Basically, the fabric used in the manufacturing of this EPABO pillow is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction, gives a more relaxing feel and also provides dust mite protection and you will sleep hours and hours without any pain and worries.

  • Available in different shaped sides for all sleep positions.
  • Designed for comfort in the working environment.
  • Breathable material.
  • Cover can be easily removed and washed
  • The discomforting smell of foam needs airing.

2) Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow – Back, Stomach Sleepers

At times it’s deliberately hard to get rid of the fine, recruited pain that might have taken place all around your vertebrae. You are somewhat suggested by a physiotherapist to buy an orthopedic pillow that is comfortable yet position reformer.

This lumbar pillow for lower back pain when sleeping  provides support to numerous body parts keeping the fact into account that it’s long and cozy. You are surely going to have a perfect sleep. This pain relief foam works well for the conditions like sciatic nerve pain- scoliosis and sciatica. 

  • It maintains your body posture while in sleep or in the state of awakeness.
  • Memory foam – one which shapes body and positions.
  • Relief pain as the name suggests.
  • Can work as a lumbar pillow, knee supporter and a spacer.
  • Dual-layer pillow giving one a springy comfort.
  • Wedge-shaped giving a formal, scientific support.
  • Pillow squishes down a lot hampering stability.
  • The product says it is a memory foam, but the customers at times fail to agree.  

3) Nature’s Guest Adjustable Cervical Pillow Contour

Most impressive of all making it our third best pillows for lower back pain when sleeping is its guested-look which forbids you to roll down or to sides. It’s useful mainly for those who are habitual of shifting their sleeping side from back to sides. It works well for your neck and back pain both at the time. Its sleek design yet comfortable allows sleepers to free from all notorious pain they have been facing in the long run. It is pretty adjustable from soft to a firm pillow type. 

  • This pillow serves to be two in one – neck and back pain reliever both at a time.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Foam pillows help sleepers to sleep comfortably without realizing they have a backache.
  • Removes discomfort.
  • Size is 24*16*5 which is an ideal size.
  • This pillow has a noxious odor.

4) Milemont Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This pick of ours is a perfect aligner for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. It enthusiastically enriches your bedroom with luxurious style, yet comfortable pillows.  This is a memory foam with zippers to vary the firmness to relieve pain. US certified premium pillow features a guaranteed quality which is good enough to provide you with all the comfort you can have. Freshness is ensured making you more comfortable around it.

  • Memory foam supports health utmost.
  • Backs up the style in your room.
  • Cozy and choosy.
  • Sleepers love it.
  • Comfortable beyond your imagination.
  • Washable
  • A bit stiff and hard.
  • Squishing ability compromised.

5) ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

This wedge-contoured product of ours is the fifth-best pillow for lower back pain when sleeping, hip pain, sciatic pain and even recommended for pregnancy rising back pain. One may place it between two knees in order to relieve sciatic nerve pain. It is a full-fledged memory foam that helps to recruit back to you your positions and relieving intensities you might dream of earlier. It doesn’t sag nor it loses at a point. This gives you a lot of sound support and comfort. Sleepers seem to be happy just because they enjoy sleeping over this foam.  

  • 100% memory foam.
  • Soft and stiff side by side.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Relieves back, hip, sciatic nerve and pregnancy pain.
  • Squished rather flat.
  • Not that stable when to be placed between two knees. 

6) Acksonse Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping Memory Foam


Back muscles at times get strained and mobile from their exert point of insertion. This may be even the main cause of back pain in many of the sleepers. More accurately, this is designed in such a way to help you avail of a long 8-hour sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. At the same time, it works a lot on your positions to collectively remove the discomfort. It has more of a localized action on your back. Money-back guarantee is promised which is again a key opportunity for multiple sleepers. It’s more ergonomic when considering the ideal dimensions and stability. 

  • Inner mesh lining giving it a soft texture.
  • A washable cover is easy to maintain the cleanliness of your bed.
  • More accurate to treat back pains.
  • Concize and confined action.
  • Discrete pains are even treated.
  • Help improve lumbar posture.
  • Quiet thin.
  • Relieves a limited amount of pressure.

7) Milemont Memory Foam Pillow

We have already talked about Milement best pillows for lower back pain when sleeping, but this one is a little different. A contour, memory foam pillow relief back pain in a very synchronized manner. This one is really an ideal option for stomach side sleepers. It being a bamboo pillow provides a cushioning effect, as if you are sleeping in the lap of your mom.

More of its use is seen in the orthopedic cases where it works to be the best option for all kinds of sleepers experiencing back pain. Our lumbar vertebrae are in a close relation with our cervical vertebra, which eventually helps free head movements in any direction. You may not be amazed to find out charcoal pillow foam allows you to experience soothing breathing properties which may not only make you adjust with your pillow type but make you feel comfortable at the same time. 

  • Certi-Pur Us friendly accounts for no usage of harmful chemicals
  • Contour and memory foam supports and maintains your positions.
  • Help correct disability.
  • Bamboo charcoal pillow lets you be in a soothing aura.
  • More of a healthy pillow choice.
  • Satisfaction guarantee available.
  • Unethical sewing reviews noted.
  • A bit firm. 

8) Winjoy Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows

This again constitutes a healthy lifestyle approach for the sleepers accustomed to having back pain. Winjoy, being eight best pillows for lower back pain when sleeping and cervical pain withholds innumerable key features. The cervical portion is in a greater relation to your back pain. Keeping your neck a bit intact can help you deal with your backaches in a better way. It is highly ergonomically designed in order to provide a comfortable sleep to booth stomach and side issue sleepers.

Moreover, it is more viable than other products because of a greater memory foam density which never fails to give you the peaceful sleep in the long run. This comes with a washable pillowcase which helps maintain its quality to a greater extent.

  • It acts as a pressure reliever,
  • It makes your neck and shoulders a bit more comfortable because of the product’s design.
  • This pillow accounts for a better foam consistency.
  • Our pillow is designed to be in its ideal size.
  • Good for your back muscle strain.
  • This pillow comes with a washable pillow cover.
  • Squishing dip is found to be minimal in this pillow.
  • Smells as if of grass criplings.
  • There are a few complaints of pillow breaking up before it softens. 

9) ComfiLife Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow 

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow of ours is nonetheless ideal for back pain when sleeping. This wedge-shaped pillow has more of a back pain relief action. It helps reform positions in sleep and gives firm support. This pillow is lumbar supportive and uses orthopedic treatments. ComfiLife even has knee supportive pillows which we have already discussed in the fourth pick of best pillows for lower back pain.

This wedge-shaped pillow is for all –  back, side and stomach sleepers. Similar to the above picks, this pillow is again high-density memory foam supportive. It comes with lifetime warranting further creating an attraction towards this pillow. Not just this, ComiLife pillow relief back, leg, knee pain at a time. Hence, multi-functional. 

  • Wedge shape supports leg and back at a time.
  • Ideal for all kinds of sleepers.
  • Good odor pillow.
  • Lumbar Memory foam pillow.
  • It offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • This pillow smells like mold, as stated in a few of the reviews.
  • It doesn’t possess end to end coverage of the back – a bit narrow. 

10) SOLID BACK | Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher

It’s really not that easy to get back pain relief, without using pharmaceutical access or some kinds of drugs. This pillow promises back pain relief without any drug usage – hence collaborating to prevent one from adverse effects. Home chiropractic remedies available at your disposal. 

You can carry out your yoga routine on this without wasting much money. Solid back pillow is an EVA foam with a high-quality design which is self-explanatory how good this pillow is. It helps to stretch your back and to improve posture. It is a complete package, hence relief back pain, chronic lumbar pain, sciatic nerve pain and even herniated disc pain. 

  • Relieves lower and upper back pain.
  • Sleek design helps support your back to a greater extent.
  • Help prevents lumbar diseases.
  • This pillow says a big NO to drugs.
  • Avoid one from spending a whole lot on chiropractic remedies.
  • This pillow is a bit pinchy.
  • May hooks up to your back, rendering excessive pressure. 

Our best pick of today is EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows out of all ten best pillows for lower back pain when sleeping. This pillow works immensely well when it comes to the talk of relieving back pain. Moreover, it comes in different shapes and sizes allowing you to choose one according to your size and style. We have chosen this because of its orthopedic functions and contour actions are fully defined under the EPABO. With a note, that whoever is suffering from back pain may be relieved.

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